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Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry has objectives of education, learning and research, specially focused on drugs and excipients of chemical origin. Pharmaceutical chemistry, an of basic chemistry and life sciences, is a multidisciplinary field that deals with the principles and applications natural, synthetic, computational and analytical chemistry in the discovery of chemical therapeutics for the prevention and cure of life threatening diseases. This is one of the major areas of drug discovery that caters the ever-increasing demand of new drug molecules for the effective medical practice against various diseases and disorders. The pharmaceutical chemistry specialization of the department provides sophisticated instrumental and research training to the students. The major areas of research being conducted under the pharmaceutical chemistry specialization include semi-synthetic and synthetic sources of drug, drug design, lead discovery and lead optimization, docking and real time pharmacological evaluation of compounds against various drug targets, development and validation of analytical methods for drugs and drug formulations etc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry department is equipped with the research grade sophisticated instruments such as HPLC, I.R. spectrophotometer, U.V spectrophotometers, Sonicator, Precise high sensitivity, balance, Hot air oven, Autoclave, Conductometr, pH meter, centrifuge and various extraction assemblies for various qualitative and quantitative evaluation of drugs.